Brief, but Mainly Horrible

I really should be working on my Costa Rica presentation which is now only a week away, but I thought I’d do a brief – yes, believe it or not I can be brief – update since I had a pretty good couple of hours this past weekend. If you needed proof that fall migration is underway, which most of you don’t, look no further than my yard. I spent a few hours reading out back on Friday evening and then again Saturday morning and added 3 new yard birds! You just never know what’ll show up and on Friday I was ecstatic to have a pair of White-throated Sparrows show up. Along with shorebirds, sparrows hold a special place in my heart; they are often overlooked or dismissed as LBJs (Little Brown Jobs), but if you spend some time with them you’ll notice the beautiful and subtle shades of brown, rust, and tan. While they many not “pop” like a Scarlet Tanager, those subtle shades blend together and create some really stunning marks.

Ok, enough fawning over sparrows!

Any questions as to why it's called a White-throated Sparrow? Taken in my yard on 9-25-2015
Any questions as to why it’s called a White-throated Sparrow? Taken in my yard on 9-25-2015

All my talk of the subtle shades and yet, no pictures to support my claims? Blame it on the bird – obviously he knows his photogenic side and was busy showing off.

White-throated Sparrow 9-25-2015
White-throated Sparrow 9-25-2015

Now to the horrible – not horrible birds, but horrible photos. I hesitate, albeit only briefly, to post these. But since they’re photos of new yard birds I thought, “What the heck”. So….shortly after the sparrows showed up, the Tennessee Warbler below stopped by to drink from the pond.

Then on Saturday morning a Golden-crowned Kinglet made a brief appearance, also at the pond. This species is so active that getting any kind of useable photo with my camera is a challenge. Although the photos below are blurry, I do have a number of crystal clear pictures of where the bird was just moments before (i.e. got the little guy in focus, but just before the shutter clicked, he had flown off out of frame). All that being said, it was my third new yard bird within a few hours and I was perfectly content with good looks through the bins.

Golden-crowned Kinglet
Not the best photo, but you can see the golden crown. Golden-crowned Kinglet – Taken in my yard 9-26-2015

That’s it for now – time for me to get back to work on my presentation. A quick side note – I’m looking forward to getting back to work on the Costa Rica Trip Report posts after selecting photos for my talk – I forgot about an awful lot of really cool birds we saw that I’ve yet to cover so stay tuned. In the meantime, Bird It Up!


9 thoughts on “Brief, but Mainly Horrible”

  1. Love it!! We got the White-throated sparrow this year when he was on his way UP to you guys. Now, be a good boy and send him down to Texas so he can hit my yard, too. 😀

    Enjoyed the ‘brief.’

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    1. I am still laughing at the LBJ nickname. Those LBJ’s are my BANE, since I have missed putting several on my list for being unable to field-identify (and not getting a good picture). They all look so much alike, unless you get a WT sparrow.

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      1. Those LBJ’s can be tough and I’ve only learned of two real ways to nail down lifers: 1. Birding with experienced people who can help ID them and 2. Spending a lot of time in the field getting to know them.


      2. No. 2 will have to suffice for now. My kids are still too rambunctious for serious birding; as it is, we are usually the only ones in a large birding group with kids in any number, mostly senior citizens. We are hoping to change that norm!

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