600….and One!

Life bird #600 - Gray Jay on Pine River Road - Three Lakes, Wisconsin 11-8-2015
Life bird #600 – Gray Jay on Pine River Road – Three Lakes, Wisconsin 11-8-2015

Last week I received a message from Nancy stating that she and Michael, two of the now famed Costa Rica trip contingents, were planning a trip up north to look for some boreal species and asked if I’d like to join? Hell yeah!! OK, that wasn’t my exact response, but I jumped at the chance to join them. So this past Sunday (November 8th), I lumbered out of bed at 2:30am and made the 40 minute trek to their house where we left for the northwoods at 4:30am.

By 7am we were in the Nicolet National Forest on the hunt and a few minutes in Michael picked up a call he described as “not one we get back home.” A moment later, pointing through the moonroof, Nancy got me on life bird #600 – a Gray Jay! Nothing quite like picking up a milestone life bird perched 10 feet above the truck.

As I mentioned in a post last month, what’s better than picking up a life bird? How about adding a second? A few minutes further down the road and Nancy spotted what would become #601 – a Spruce Grouse.

After the Spruce Grouse, we picked up our third target species of the day – a Ruffed Grouse. Not a bad first hour of birding: 2 lifers and 3 first of year birds! I’m keeping this post short so I can get back to working on the new Costa Rica trip installment, but let me just say – all in all it was a fun day!! We picked up 3 of the 5 boreal species we had targeted (missing Boreal Chickadee & most surprising – Evening Grosbeaks which seem to be a staple in nearby Alvin) and each of us got extended looks at the Spruce Grouse. And to top it off – it was a full day with good birding company.

Ok, now it’s back to work on the next Costa Rica trip post. Until then, Bird It Up!


2 thoughts on “600….and One!”

    1. Thanks Shannon!!! I’m not a huge numbers person when it comes to listing – it’s not what drives me, but I still like to see my progress as I try and see as many birds worldwide as possible.

      And I completely agree – the Gray Jays are such cool birds!

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