What’s So Great About “Working” From Home?

The view from my office"!
The view from my “office”!

Well, let’s see, for starters:

  1. Watching the hummingbird/butterfly garden grow and bloom!
  2. Listening to the babbling pond!
  3. Watching the Baltimore Orioles eating oranges while using #4…..
  4. Not only having your binoculars handy at all times, but using them while conducting work over the phone.
  5. And I’ve saved the best for last: watching a Ruby-throated Hummingbird at eyelevel feeding on the Beebalm 3 feet away. That’s what happened earlier tonight and provided the motivation for this blog post.

Wanna have some fun? See how many bird related items you can see in my “office?” And if you didn’t believe me about the Baltimore Orioles, here’s one that showed up while I was writing this post. Please forgive the horrible photo – it was taken through the window with my phone and then heavily cropped.

Baltimore Oriole on feeder.
Baltimore Oriole on feeder.

Bird It Up!


4 thoughts on “What’s So Great About “Working” From Home?”

  1. Ok…this post clinches it….I’ve finally found someone more obsessed over birds than me! LOL!!
    I work from home as well. I’m easily distracted by the hummingbirds, finches, ravens, hawks, bluebirds, sparrows, wrens, towhees, grosbeaks, titmouse…I could go on and on. Not a lot of work is getting done lately here.

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    1. LOL….I know what you mean about getting easily distracted!!! It’s so nice to watch the birds while working, but I usually want to spend time outside looking at the flower garden instead of working (I’ve put in a lot of flowers, shrubs, and trees in over the past 2 years – I plan to do a blog post of my yard in August as I have photos from when I first planted to compare to).

      You’ve got me beat on yard birds though! I’d love to get a towhee, grobsbeak and/or titmouse in my yard!!! If those show up, I guarantee nothing will get done here 😉

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  2. Haha! So wonderful to work from home. If only someone PAID me for it. Must be something to have Orioles as yard birds. I see a Cornell Lab window sticker and something on the base of the right screen. It’s a birdie iSpy!

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    1. Mom’s definitely deserve pay….and big bucks at that! You can’t put a price on the work you do, but it sure would be nice if they tried 😉

      Yeah, I moved in just over 2 years ago and last year I had my first Oriole show up during migration, but didn’t stick around. This year I’ve got a male and female coming by regularly.

      Yep, both window stickers are from Cornell – the left one is a YB Sapsucker and the right one is a Am. Goldfinch. There’s also a small pelican under my right monitor which was a gift from a dear friend.

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